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Element Massage                                                           

Enjoy a therapeutic Swedish massage using effleurage, compression and kneading. Strokes will promote total relaxation and improved circulation.

Deep Tissue Focus                                                                                               

Deep Tissue Full Body                                                                                       

Our therapist will read your body and incorporate a variety of massage techniques to relax you. This is a deeper massage that targets specific muscle groups to relieve tension and stress.

Prenatal Massage                                                                                                   

An excellent way to relax and relieve the aches of being an expectant mother! Our technicians are trained in the stresses that pregnancy causes. It will improve circulation, reduce leg cramps, swollen ankles and relieve headaches. A great way to stay relaxed and healthy during a very special time.


Neck and Back Stress Relief                                                                            

(30,60, or 90 mins)   $55/$90/$125
(60 mins)   $95
 (60 mins)   $105
(60 mins)   $90
 (30 mins) $55

 Full Body Compression Massage 

(30,60, or 90 mins)   $55/$90/$125

 massage using the compression of\nthe therapist feet on layers of muscle, tendons, soft tissue and\nligaments.  Pressure ranges from light to deep depending on the body’s preference. Pressure is applied while lying on a mat in loose clothing.  No oils are used.

Benefits include:

-releases muscle tension

-decreases stress in the body

-increases circulation and energizes movement

-promotes deep relaxation and system cleansing

-beneficial for everyone

add a free 15 min demo of compression massage to your massage appointment

available with specific therapists

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